Resin Art Workshop

For 3 fun-filled hours you will learn techniques, tips and tricks as well as the secrets to achieving the perfect gloss finish to your artworks. Yes, that’s it… “artworks” plural!  During your time together, I will explain everything about the products and the process of Resin Art. I will also give you multiple ways to apply […]

Figure Sculpture

A workshop for the true artist. Beginning with a design sketch emphasizing on basic anatomy and following through to a 200mm high sculpt. The Figure Sculpture Workshop is a great course for kids (ages 12-18) and adults. Each student will learn about balance, character design, anatomy, armatures, how to work with the clay at hand, […]

Character Design and Drawing

From Aliens to the Undead, The Character and Design Drawing workshop focuses on drawing the figure, starting with Drawing and Anatomy basics and continues through to the rendered finish. Once you have drawn a basic figure we will take you through posing and distorting that figure. By the end of our time together you will […]

One-on-One Workshops

This workshop is for anyone who wants to build on their artistic skills, inspiration, materials sourcing or sales surrounding their passion. During our time together, I will guide you to new opportunities and teach you about new materials and processes that will compliment your existing skillset. Time: 3 hours to ongoing (PAYG available) Initial Consultation […]

Creature Concept Drawings

Is it an owl or a cow? Fun for all ages, this engaging and informative class focuses on animal anatomy and basic drawing skills. Many variations on this theme, that are great for all ages. FOr smore information send me a message to enquire about the: *Automotive Design and Drawing Workshop *Fashion Design and Drawing […]

Mask Making

This workshop covers the entire process for creating latex masks. Wearable art, Japanese Oni, Commedia Dell’Arte, Aliens or Monsters, Full or Half Head. Whichever type you choose, the workshop will go from the design process right through to the painted object. Covering; Design and Drawing, Sculpting, Mould making, Casting, Painting and Finishing. Time: Depends on […]

Live Sculpture Demonstrations

Watch a professional artist create something from nothing, right before your eyes! These mesmerizing demonstrations are available to everyone from Cake Decorators and Chocolatiers, to Schools, Groups or Events. Time: I will create a piece within the budget ($600 minimum) and time frame that you have available. (Please refer to the Portrait Sculpture workshop above […]

Bespoke Workshop-Moulding and Casting 101

Delivered by an industry professional, in this super informative one-of-a-kind workshop, you will be exposed to many of the basics of Mouldmaking and Casting in one fun and informative day. Each attendee will have the chance to mould an item with Skin Safe Silicone Rubber and create plastic castings. During our time together, Will Huntley […]

Monster Magnets

Great for all ages. This hands-on sculpture class allows you to use your imagination to design and sculpt a Monster Face using the home bake-able Super Sculpey. Not enough of a challenge? Why not combine the sister workshop, Moulding and Casting 101? That way you can Sculpt, Mould, and Cast all in the same workshop! […]

Drawing Basics

Anatomy, Creatures, and Portraits. This workshop focuses on Drawing the Head. Starting with drawing exercises and basic geometric shapes, I will guide you through the “Canons of Beauty” reference points, whilst teaching anatomy and form. This will then transition into aging and distortion in this unforgettable and engaging workshop. You will also learn how to […]