Will Huntley-ATC

My name is Will Huntley and as an Artistic Training Consultant (ATC) with over 35 years of practical and professional experience, I will progressively broaden your knowledge and skills of across many areas of the arts such as casting, course layout, design, drawing, mould/prop making, painting, product information, sculpture and more in only a few short hours.

The expert services I provide are usually in the form of 3-4 hour workshops but bespoke and private workshops are available. I also provide a unique and informative Materials and Processes Workshop that provides exciting, hands-on demonstrations of many of the new and exciting products and processes that are currently available to you, your employees, students and/or fellow artists.

Adept at the 5 pedagogical approaches of teaching, I create unique solutions to unusual art-related problems, I can also cater for individual needs, delivering introductory, intermediate and advanced workshops to Artists, Art Lecturers, D&T Instructors, Teachers and other Art Related businesses and individuals around the globe.

I have Martial Arts, Military, Upper and Lower school teaching experience as well as a current Working with Children Check card. 

Not only do I have current industry experience in the Arts, such as Casting, Design, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Film, Theatre, Mould (Pattern)-Making, 3D design and printing, Industrial Design and Prototyping, but I also have references from some of the finest schools in Western Australia.”

Previous/current clients/employers: Disney Studios, Mitsubishi, Nordic Track, City of Perth, Fremantle Maritime Museum, Stan Winston Studio (now Legacy Effects), Amalgamated Dynamics Inc., Chiodo Bros., Edge Industrial Design, Animated Engineering Inc., Visual Inspirations Inc., TraumaSim,  Perth Modern School, St. Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, Carine Senior High School, Churchlands Senior High School, Eddystone Primary, Swan Christian College, Melville Senior High School, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and many more.

Will Huntley 2nd Degree Black Belt in Aikido
Will Huntley Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) in AIkido

"I want you to not only challenge me but to challenge yourself. I want to see you, your employees and/or students succeed! To that end, I will create a workshop especially for you! We will work with your skill level and go at your speed, to make sure that you gain the highest benefit possible!"​