The following is only a fraction of the companies that I have worked for over the years either as an employee or as a consultant. It is this wide range, wealth of experience, and knowledge, that I bring to you, your company, your employees and your students.

I just wanted to say "Thank you", on behalf of the Australian College of Specialist Makeup, for your ongoing support and commitment to the make-up and prosthetics industry by your continued contributions to the ACSM Industry Committee. Your expertise is very much appreciated!

I have recently just completed a one on one masterclass with Will and can honestly say it has been one of the best investments towards my career as a Special Effects Makeup Artist. Will is a master craftsman who is eager to share his knowledge with others. A very patient teacher with enthusiasm and a passion that never wanes. The amount I learnt in the sessions has been immeasurable and I am itching to start many new projects! My only regret is not doing one of his courses sooner. I will definitely be attending more of Will’s classes in future!

Will’s services and life casting workshop were invaluable for my students and I. We have all benefited so much from his workshop and trade tips. All of which we will be able to use in our current projects and into the next. His professionalism, humour and expertise were impeccable and we would not hesitate to employ his services again in the future for either a student centred workshop or staff PD.

I have employed Will for over 12 years professionally as the Sculpting and Moulding tutor at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. WAAPA provides performing arts tuition for Acting, Musical Theatre, Directing, Dance, Jazz and Contemporary Music, Classical Music, Arts Management, Production, Design, and Broadcasting. Will is a highly talented and creative individual and has all the attributes required of an artisan and educator in our creative industries. He has mentored and taught the students and staff throughout this time with skill and appreciation of each individuals needs. His vast knowledge and industry experience is an invaluable resource for the future creators in this field. I would have no hesitation in recommending Will to a future employer.

Really an enjoyable process. Will, your delivery, pace, content, sequencing, and detail were great and the results show. Thank you!

Thank you Will…I had an awesome time and am a little bit proud of what I did and I am really happy with what I have learned. Will you are freakin’ awesome, thank you so much for your patience, your expertise and for fixing stuff!

Will you probably have no idea how many lives you've enriched to this point, in every position I've known you in. I can't count the amount of times I've spoken to someone about their new exciting artistic art project/ new business/ hobby/ skill/ that was only an idea or dream until they met you!!!! So many times we're discussing how they got to the point of "Really how am I going to do this?" Then they met you. And mate, I am proudly one of them!!! You share your life knowledge so generously, you are always my first port of call.

I strongly recommend jumping on the opportunity to work with Will Huntley. I have had the chance & as soon as I can get my darling girlfriend here for her first visit from Cebu I will have to take her for a weekend class to experience the joy of Prop Making & much more!

I am the director of a small business supplying moulage and training aids for medical training within the military, universities and various industries. I came to this unusual occupation following a nursing career and along the way have completed several overseas Moulage/SFX courses, online training and a lot of trial and error. Developing my skills and abilities within an artistic field had been a slow process. Then I met Will. I cannot overstate how much Will Huntley has helped my progress to bring to life the outlandish plans that were stuck in my head. I have sought Wills advice for many projects. He has generously and patiently given of his time and expertise to teach me the processes required in all areas of design, complex mould making, materials choice and sculpture. His sense of humour makes him great to work with but you are left with no doubt as to how seriously he takes his work. His level of knowledge and experience in all areas of special effects is inspiring and impressive and yet he never makes you feel inferior or out of your depth. I have gained so much confidence in my artistic abilities since working with Will and would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn and grow within any artistic field.

I am currently employed as a secondary school visual art teacher at Swan Christian College and Will Huntley ATC has assisted my colleague and myself on many occasions. "Will specializes in a variety of art processes and I have had the opportunity to learn about mould making and casting from him. Will’s extensive knowledge base makes him the perfect candidate to run workshops and PD’s. He proved himself to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable whilst advising my colleague and I on a variety of art products and processes, and we have since participated in a mould making and casting PD run by Will. I would rate Will’s overall performance in this PD workshop as extremely high. He is both professional, and fun to work with. He was able to deliver a great deal of information within a short time period and provides a hands-on approach to his teaching. In addition to his support during the workshop session, he also makes himself readily available to answer questions and provide feedback after the completion of a workshop. Will is focused on helping his clients to achieve the best possible result, for the best possible price. He is an experienced artist and a wonderful teacher. I would highly recommend him for any type of involvement with workplace/school/ university workshops.

Will was invited to deliver film and television special effects workshop classes with my students this year. Will is not only an excellent and personable lecturer who students find fascinating, but also a very skilled practitioner in his own right. To work with someone with his high level of specialist industry experience, packaged in a well structured and highly engaging way and delivered with passion and clarity of purpose...was a very motivational experience!

I remember upon my first meeting with Will, telling everyone that I wished I could just climb into his head and look around. His knowledge of different mediums is limitless as are his ideas. He definitely gives you confidence to try new things which are maybe outside your comfort zone and is always happy to let me chew his ear off whenever I need some advice. Thanks Will for helping grow and diversify as an artist.

Will has been a guest trainer with Perth College of Beauty Therapy's Diploma of Specialist Make Up course for several occasions now. Will visits the class to demonstrate and share valuable industry expertise in sculpting for their prosthetics topic. His talent and flare is infectious and the students thrive in his tuition, creating excellent work from the skills he passes on to them. Will has exceptional personable skills and delivers information in a exciting and motivating way making his class fun and vibrant. Students feed back after he has visited is excellent and they find it a high light of their course. I am looking forward to working with Will again in the future.