Monster Sculpture Workshop

Always wanted to create something really scary or alien and just didn’t know where to start? Already tried sculpting but it just didn’t go the way that you had planned? Well, now’s your chance! Over the course of 2 full days, you will be working alongside Special Effects Artist and Artistic Training Consultant Will Huntley […]

Sculpture Basics-The Face!

Learn all the basics of sculpting a human face in only a few short hours! Unlike the Portrait Sculpture Workshop which is more intended for professionals, this workshop is aimed more at those of you who have always just wanted to have a play with some clay! During our time together, using a professional grade, […]

Sculpture, Moulding and Casting Basics Workshop

Within this amazing workshop, you will learn the basics of how to Sculpt, Mould and Cast a sculpture of your own design (created during the first 20min!). You will be exposed to different Modelling Clays, various casting products such as Polyurethanes and Epoxies all whilst using your choice of pigments and dyes. You will also get […]

Weekly Workshops-Acrylic, Alcohol and Resin Painting!

I am now offering weekly workshops such as Resin Art, Acrylic Pour Painting, Alcohol Ink Painting, and Life Casting all delivered in the purpose-built Collective Obsessions (in Bassendean, Western Australia), where any and all levels of experience are welcome. As a collective group of very talented artists, we also offer many other workshops such as Lifecasting and […]

Professional Development Workshops

Bespoke training programs suited to your group or individual artistic needs. All PD Workshops are presented by an experienced industry professional and will progressively broaden your knowledge and skills of across many areas of the arts such as casting, course layout, design, drawing, mould/prop making, painting, product information, sculpture and more in only a few […]

Portrait Sculpture

This class introduces you to sculpting a life-size portrait with an emphasis on anatomy and detail.¬†With an emphasis on realism, during this one of a kind workshop you will learn: *How to blend and match textures, with speed and accuracy. *Sculpting facial features with a focus on secondary & tertiary form. *Step-by-step techniques used to […]

Lifecasting Workshop

Whether creating one for yourself or looking for a 2nd job. Lifecasting is cheap, fun, easy to learn, and Non-Toxic! Currently provided through Collective Obsessions, a purpose-built art studio in Bassendean, where catered, Group, Party, Private or Team Building bookings also available. Alternatively, for an additional fee, I can travel and provide the workshop in […]

Materials and Processes Workshop

Will Huntley teaching at All Saints College

This super-informative workshop is more of a demo/information session than a workshop, but it is the perfect way to showcase all the different materials available to Artists, Designers, Students and Teachers alike. During this one-of-a-kind workshop, I can go through as many as 25 different materials, such as¬†casting plastics, clays, resin art, moulding silicones, expanding […]

Character Design and Modelling

Using Super Sculpey you can bring your character’s design to life. No moulds. No Casting. Just pure modelling. This multi-class workshop will take your design and modelling skills to the next level! During this one of a kind workshop, you will Design, Build an Armature, Sculpt, Paint and Display your work like a pro! Time: […]

Art Project Assessment

Do you or one of your employees/students have an epic or unusual project in mind? Year 12 Perspectives or ATAR Art seem too daunting to take on by yourself? Not sure what’s possible? Unsure of what materials to use or where to get them? Why not have an Artistic Training Consultant come out to your […]