Resin Art Workshop

For 3 fun-filled hours you will learn techniques, tips and tricks as well as the secrets to achieving the perfect gloss finish to your artworks. Yes, that’s it… “artworks” plural

During your time together, I will explain everything about the products and the process of Resin Art. I will also give you multiple ways to apply the products to achieve different results, using a myriad of different pigments, dyes, and powders.

While you are creating your masterpieces, I will tell you about what is possible and what others are creating with Resin Art and even though (unlike other workshops) you will be creating up to 3-4 pieces, there is absolutely no rush as everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace. Everything is supplied. All you need to bring is your imagination and a willingness to learn!

Please also note that even if you aren’t very art inclined…you can still create Resin Art!

This workshop is for ages 16+.