Figure Sculpture

A workshop for the true artist. Beginning with a design sketch emphasizing on basic anatomy and following through to a 200mm high sculpt.

The Figure Sculpture Workshop is a great course for kids (ages 12-18) and adults. Each student will learn about balance, character design, anatomy, armatures, how to work with the clay at hand, blocking and some basic sculpture techniques.

In one day, we can usually block-out the figure and some will get to either smoothing or adding in some of the finer design elements and musculature features. 

A high school student learning about Anatomy and Balance.

From that point you will move onto tertiary features such as clothing, hair, scales, and veins!

Larger sculptures, moulding and casting are also available with extended courses.

Do you already know how to sculpt the figure but need advice on what medium to use or how to budget for your large project? Or maybe you are a teacher and you already have a bit of knowledge but you just need a 1 day refresher course and a bit of advice on how to teach the subject?

For the answers to these and anything else related to sculpture simply sign up for one of the workshops here that suit your needs Or maybe a direct consultation would suit you better? If so, go here,

If that is all too hard and you really can’t pick just one, contact me directly. We will discuss your needs and I will make a bespoke workshop just for you!

Time: Various options available from 2 days to 8 weeks.