Fun and Informative! Wearable Art Materials Workshop – Wesley College – May 2018

I met Arts Teacher Alexandra Hutton whilst providing another workshop for her colleague Mel Priemus and the super talented Wesley College Drama students.

It has taken quite a bit of planning, but after talking at length with Alex,  I was able to put together a very informative and super hands-on “Materials and Processes for Wearable Art Workshop”.

With large workshops such as this there is a tonne of information to get through in relatively a short period of time. But, between Alex, her Assistant Taylor and myself we were able to keep the (very keen) boys on task throughout the day. 

During our time together the boys were exposed to a lot of new materials and techniques. But these boys picked up everything very quickly. So much so, that by the end of each exercise all trepidation was out the window and they were already experimenting with the materials and creating their own pieces!

So, for four hours, the class of 30 was able to:

  • Create a basic Foam Armour Pauldron using EVA foam.
  • Create an Abstract Wall Sculpture using a Rigid Polyurethane Foam
  • Create a Flexible Foam Sculpture

And of course, in between all of this, they learned the do’s and don’ts of the materials, the processes associated with each, the tools needed and the safety concerns that surrounded all of them.

While the time was short, we were able to fit in a serious amount of information for both the students and teachers. Alex and her EA Taylor, asked heaps of questions and by the end, were able to come up with many ideas for future projects.

The boys worked in 10 groups of 3 and were able to create some very amazing and interesting pieces of art.

The best part for me, as always, is when I see the idea “light bulb” switch on!

You can see it in their eyes, when they make that OMG! face because they just realized that almost anything is possible if, you know which materials to use and how to apply them.

All in all, it was an excellent experience for everyone involved and consequently, I have already been invited back next term!

Thank you so much Alex, I had a blast and I hope you and the kids did too!

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