ACSM Graduation Speaker-July 2018

This past July, I was again honoured to be asked to be a guest speaker at the Australian College of Specialist Makeup graduation. It still amazes me how many excellent students consistently come out of this school. It is a true tribute to senior instructors such at Alistair Arkwright, Mercyll Cooper and (previously) Astrid Hansen.

During my speech, I spoke about how you cannot give up and how you must be consistent with both your work and your learning. I also spoke about how you MUST continually push toward your dreams and goals. Even if it is only a little bit every day.

I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to help with these students learning by providing a basic sculpture workshop during their course. It was a great feeling to have a few of them pulled me aside after the graduation and said that they really loved creating wounds, scars, bites and other fun stuff that we did during our three hours together. That alone, is a great reward!

Every little bits counts as you chase your dreams…

Upon completing my speech, I hoped that even if just one word got stuck in the minds of these young people just starting out their careers…I hope it was… CONSISTENCY.

To all the graduates, I wish you all the best for a busy and prosperous future and to Australian College of Specialist Makeup, thank you again for the honour! 

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