John Calvin Christian College – Resin Art Workshop – April 2018

John Calvin Christian College -April 2018 

Just after I returned from my Easter break, I headed out to John Calvin Christian College in Armadale for 3 back-to-back Resin Art Demos.

Invited by their Design and Technology Department head Marius Vanlecq to work with their year 10s and 11s, I was pleasantly surprised at their beautifully laid out facility.

All the students had a blast working with the resins and seemed to thoroughly enjoy mixing the different dyes and pigments together into unusual patterns.

They also looked on in amazement as I took what looked to be a failure of mishmashed colours and brought it back to create a very unusual, yet beautiful, piece.

In the near future, they are planning to take what they have learned to create resin coated clocks, cutting boards and jewelry boxes. I can’t wait to see what they come up with! Thanks for having me JCCC!

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