Resin Art Workshop with Collective Obsessions-August 2018

Late last year I had a new customer by the name of Jamie come into Kirkside Products (my “day job”). He was looking for a topcoat to create Resin Art. Of course I put him onto my favourite,  Kraft Kote.

After a quick chat, it became obvious that Jamie was going to be doing something interesting.  So, I told him to give me a bell next time he is creating something and that I would like to come and have a look.

Fast forward a few weeks to a warm Sunday afternoon. I found myself at Jamie’s place and we had an impromptu art session. A few days later Jamie contacted me and said that he and a friend had a proposition for me.

“You want to do Art Workshops…We have a good size art venue here, all set up and ready to go and all we need are artists and teachers. Why don’t we team up?!”

Of course I said, “I think that’s a grand idea!”.

So, a few weeks later we held the first-ever, Will Huntley ATC/Collective Obsessions Resin Art Workshop!  It was fantastic! We had 6 people creating their own Resin Art on all different kinds of canvases. 

There were so many different styles and everyone was learning from not only me but from eachother! 

Since that day we have held over 30 different workshops and we many more scheduled over the coming months! 

For more information on Collective Obsessions and the workshops that we offer, just shoot me an email through the Contact Page and I will send you a list of our upcoming Workshops and Artist Open Days. 

Sound interesting? Let’s create some stuff!