Inspirational and Fun!-Materials and Processes Workshop at Chisholm Catholic College

I have been wanting to work with the fantastic four at Chisholm College for some time now. Finally, Aliesha and I were finally able to line up our schedules for a Materials and Moulding Workshop.

The Materials and Moulding Workshop is one of the most comprehensive workshops that I offer. For 3-4 hours I cover everything from different types of clays to resins and silicones. 

We touched base on pigments, foams and fibreglass. And during all of this craziness each participant hits me with a million questions! (which I absolutely love!)

A very lively bunch, the fab four: Cathy Giannopoulos, Tina Sacino, Deborah Green and Aliesha Mafrici all brought their “A” game for this workshop. 


We started by sculpting a little face, moulded it with silicone and then cast it in a myriad of different materials. 

During all of this, I explained everything about the different materials and what they could do, while the four, very good students, asked questions and took notes.

It was a very busy few hours but very productive ones.

Thank you for having me Chisholm College!     


Sound interesting? Let’s create some stuff!