Monster Sculpture Workshop – Sept. 2018

This last September, I finally did what I have been threatening to do for some time… A Monster Sculpture Workshop.

Each student had two full days to sculpt whatever they could come up with. All attended the Monster Design and Drawing Workshop the night before, so, a few already knew what they were going to try and create.

Provided with everything that they needed to create a full size Monster Head Sculpture, each person started the class with: a full block of WED clay, Tools, a turntable, and a Full-Size Skull Armature.

As expected, on the first day, everyone was so excited!

After a brief bit of instruction about tools, the clay, and some reinforcement about what they had all learned the night before, they all went for it. Many, enjoyed the unrestricted freedom that comes with making your own creature, while others, needed a bit of help along the way.

Overall, it was an excellent couple of days with the attendees giving feedback such as:

“Will was so in depth with his feedback and was able to give us unbiased help that definitely benefited our learning.”


“I was so intimidated to start doing full head sculpts, not knowing where to begin or the best clay to use. Now that I have this knowledge, I will be going into full head sculpts and monster designs that I have been sitting on for months, with the main difference that, I will have an idea of where to start!”

Sound interesting? Let’s create some stuff!