RAW Workshop-Sydney

This March I had the extreme pleasure of flying over to Sydney for another Restorative Arts Workshop. This sculpture workshop had students from not only all over NSW but also from Singapore and the Philippeans!

Held at the prestigious University of Sydney Veterinary School, it was excellent (and oh so interesting!) to be surrounded by so many different animal skeletons and specimens.

Our host for this workshop was Lance Proctor, who was filling in for Jan Field of Dodge Australia. Lance was not only the consummate host and student, but he was also gearing up for a massive stage play at the same time! Thank you so much for all of your hard work Lance!

Having students from different countries is certainly a challenge but the language of art and specifically sculpture helps cross a lot of barriers. 


I was super proud with everyones progress during the course and they were pleasantly surprised at their results as well. Some even said that they couldn’t believe how fast it all came together!

Even after all my years of teaching I am still amazed at a humans’ ability to learn something in such a short period of time. Very rarely will have any of the attendees have ever sculpted before. And they almost always say that they had no confidence in themselves before they started.


If you are thinking about attending one of the RAW workshops but aren’t sure that you can sculpt….have a look at my referrals page. It is full of people who did not believe that they had any artistic talents. And I am here to tell you, that everyone has artistic talents…sometimes it just takes the right person to bring it out of you! 🙂

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