Figure Sculpting at Melville Senior High School

February was excellent as I was asked to run another Sculpey Figure Workshop for the talented GDM (Graphic Design Media) students at Melville Senior High School.

I have been fortunate enought to be invited to do this workshop multiple times over the years by the GDM Department Head Lev Vykopal.

Every year these very talented students come up with such amazing ideas and then look to me to help bring them to life. Over the course of the day, the students hear a little bit about my background and then we get stuck in. I go over each and every students character/creature design, giving them feedback on their drawings, design, anatomy, and balance. Then we get started with armatures.

The whole day seems to always go very fast but by the end each and every student has a rough 3D representation of their Character/Creature. It is from that point that Mr. Vykopal takes over and gets them to refine and paint their works over the course of the term.

It always super fulfilling for me to see the excitement and joy in their faces when they see their drawings come to life! 

I will post more pics as they come in!

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