Sculpture, Moulding and Casting Basics Workshop

Within this amazing workshop, you will learn the basics of how to Sculpt, Mould and Cast a sculpture of your own design (created during the first 20min!).

Sue and her Unicorn Man Sculpture

You will be exposed to different Modelling Clays, various casting products such as Polyurethanes and Epoxies all whilst using your choice of pigments and dyes. You will also get to mould your sculpture with a quick-set, skin-safe, 2-part moulding silicone.

If held in a school, I will also discuss all the STEM/STEAM information for each and every product as well as the stories and uses of each product, its pros, cons and safe uses in the studio and the classroom

A very hands-on workshop, attendees will be engaged, (and get a little messy!) by being able to Mould and Cast a body part.

Sculpting, Moulding and Casting a small face or a small object.

As well as having a go at Casting and Sculpting Rigid Foam!

This workshop is a must for any artist or art instructor who would like to broaden their art materials and processes knowledge!