Monster Design Workshop

The night before the Monster Sculpture Workshop (wrong time but more on that later) I ran a Monster Design and Drawing Night. Everyone came in with a cautious yet curious attitude, but they all soon relaxed and got into drawing mode.

I always start my design and drawing classes with a set of basic drawing exercises. These always loosen everyone up and it really seems to get rid of the new skills jitters.

By the time we got up to drawing a portrait everyone was over their initial nerves but still quite cautious as to how much they were able to do without my assistance. Once I showed them how to start adding shading, wrinkles and then…all the freaky stuff…they really started to let loose.

From portraits, we went onto full-size creatures and characters.

For this I again show them some basic exercises. But this time they learned a few different ways to design that really seem to help those with creative blocks. Whether you cannot start or if you are having trouble coming up with something new, I guarantee you that these types of drawing exercises will definitely help.

By the end of the night, their eyes were wide with possibilities. But. As the Monster Sculpture Workshop was the next day, they were also very nervous. 

In the end, everything worked out and while they were nervous coming into the project they all turned out something very cool and interesting!

I can’t wait until we get to do it again!

Sound interesting? Let’s create some stuff!