Urgent Resin Resurrection at Bright Tank Brewery

This past winter I sold some epoxy resin to a pair of very excited Brewery owners Mathew Moore and Gemma Sampson.

Unfortunately, they had some issues and called me to see if I could help them out of a tight situation.

You see they had a photoshoot for a media release and their grand opening the very next day. So understandably, they needed everything ‘just so’.

When I arrived, I immediately noticed the issue. The resin hadn’t cured properly on the top of their custom-made 7 meter long bar.  Now, with pretty much any resin you mix, you will have issues: if you do not mix thoroughly, if you do not mix in the right ratios or if your temperature is below 15C.

In Bright Tank’s case I believe it was a mixture of all three. But, luckily it was only in the last ¼ of the bar.

So, I set to work and mixed up and poured multiple batches while they sampled me their amazing bespoke beers!

I was a bit of a battle but I was able to complete the project in a few hours and suffice it to say that it looks amazing and they opened without a hitch.

Thank you Gemma, Mat and Bright Tank Brewery for having me and trusting me with your “baby”. All the best for the future!


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