Awesome Figure Sculpture Workshop-GDM at MSHS 2019

In 2019, Lev Vykopal asked me back to teach another Super Sculpey Figure Workshop. And let me tell you, each and every one of the talented Melville Senior High School (MSHS) GDM (Graphic Design Media) students went past expectations and created even more excellent artworks.

It still amazes me how intellectually absorbent children are. If I mention one thing about a spider leg or a wolfs muzzle, you can see their imagination work, and good or bad, they immediately incorporate the suggestion into their piece.

Gotta watch out for that next time. 🙂

Also, the level of detail is getting better each year. You can actually see in their works, how both Lev and myself are also learning from year to year.

You see for this workshop, we not only have to get across the parameters of size and characteristics of the figures. We also have to teach:

1. Anatomy, both animal and human.

2.How to work with Super Sculpey.

3. How to build an Armature.

4. How to paint

5. How to bring life to your sculpt

6. How to use basic hand tools.

7. How to use the sculpting tools.

8. How to Draw

9. How to scale and measure your drawings.


I feel extremely grateful and lucky to be asked back again and again.

Thankyou MSHS and Lev Vykopal for having me!

Sound interesting? Let’s create some stuff!