Carmel School-Sculpting, Moulding and Casting Master Class

September- Carmel School

Leanne Mazjner and I met in August and we immediately knew that we had to do a workshop together. Leanne is an amazing artist in her own right and super patient Art Teacher at Carmel Senior High School.

When we met, she told me that she was a member of ArtEd and that they were always looking for art workshops and that the ones that I offered were totally different from what they were getting normally. So of course …I said YES!

Leanne Majzner Art Teacher Carmel School

After a few dramas of getting busy teachers and schools to commit we actually filled not one, but TWO workshops over a couple of months!

Leanne being the super accommodating soul that she is, offered to coming in on her Sunday to host the workshops at Carmel School.

Their facility was everything you would want in an art classroom. Big tables, 4 metres of sinks, a room for storage…just everything!

We had teachers come in from as far away as Bunbury and without fail, they all said how amazing the space was!

Sculpting, Moulding and Casting Master Class

We had about 18 in each workshop and even though both groups got of to a slow start, by the end they were all firing super creative questions and ideas at me. In the second group, I had about 7 of them do a lifecast of their feet with alginate!

It has been about a month since I have seen them and even though it is all ATAR finals and marking time, I have already been contacted about doing workshops for them in the new year!

Thank you so much Leanne, Carmel School and all of the attendees who had taken time out of their super busy schedules to attend!

I am super grateful!

Sound interesting? Let’s create some stuff!