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Right Arty Folks…
Get a gander of these lovelies!
12 pc Stainless Steel Dental Toolsets.
These are perfect for Sculpting Epoxy Putty, Body filler, Plasticines, Super Sculpey and Wax. They are perfect for getting to the deepest points to get that last pesky piece of alginate out of your lifecasting. They also work a treat with your water-based clays like Laguna WED and White.
Shiny, glossy, stainless…
Clean em with Turps,
Clean em with Alcohol,
Clean em with water,
Hell…Clean em with Petrol if you want and they will handle it and come back for more!.
I only have 50 sets coming in (Last time I got in 30 and they were gone in a week!). I get these in especially for my sculpture workshops and I personally use the exact same tools just about every day and have done so for the past 30 years with the same set!
So get in fast and get in quick as they will disappear in a blink!