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In the Advanced Toolset you are provided with the 11pc Basic Toolset PLUS a set of Stainless Steel 20.5cm Calipers.
These easily adjusted by hand, Stainless Steel Pottery Calipers are a very handy tool for sculptors, potters and ceramists. Used to measure the thickness and diameters of thrown pottery and sculptures, both inside and out these calipers allow you to take measurements from a model or masterpiece and compare dimensions against working pieces to ensure consistency in your work.

This toolset has proven invaluable for my clients and students such as the ones that were in my latest Figure Sculpture workshop.

Also included is a Two-Piece Stainless Steel Scraper Set
one with a smooth edge and one with serrated teeth.

These stainless steel kidney tools are very perfect for trimming, shaping and smoothing plasticines.They are also great for working with polymer, ceramic and potters clays.

Straight Edge Scraper – 12cm x 5cm
Tooth Edge Scraper – 10cm x 5cm

Also included:
3 Basic Brushes
1 Yellow Artist Sponge